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Broxburn Golf Club, West Lothian. (1900 - WW2)

Founded 1900.

A 9-hole course situated near a Roman Camp Site. The station at Drumshoreland was 200 yards away. Local hotel was the Buchan Arms. Sunday play was not allowed.

Below is a report on the Opening of the course in June 1901.


Broxburn Golf Club, West Lothian. Opening of the golf course in May 1901.

From the Linlithgowshire Gazette Friday 21 st June 1901. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In October 1902 the captain, William Brand, gave a gold medal to be played for monthly. The first winner was Thomas Addison, the medal was prented to him by the club secretary, G F McKillop. 

The annual meeting was held in the Institute in February 1903, the following officers were elected; Hon. president, N M Henderson; president, Dr. Alex Scott; vice-president, Dr. Alex Kelso; captain, William Brand; vive-captain, J Constable; secretary G F McKillop; treasurer, William Murray; committee – T Addison, L D Brand, J Ruffell, Mr Denholm, Major J P Cleghorne.

In September 1903 James Dargo from Edinbugh, playing with Joseph Miller, created a new course record of 36.

  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1901-1906 Geo F McKillop, Park Lawn, Broxburn.  
1905-1911   J Miller (p)
1911-1914 J G Glass, Medical Hall, Broxburn H Spence (p)
1920-30s J K Corstorphine, Albyn Cottages, Broxburn  
1936-48 J H Backhouse, 29 Station Rd, Broxburn J Gilroy (g)

From the 1905 Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook; Instituted 1900; Membership of 46; Hon. secretary G F McKillop; captain W Brand; Entrance fee nil and subs 10s/6d; nine-holes;amateur course record John H Dargo, 36; Visitors’ fees were 6d a day, 2/6d a week and 5/- a month.

Below is the result of a match played at Drumshoreland in August 1906 against Strathearn Golf Club.

Broxburn Golf Club   Strathearn Golf Club  
J McTurk 0 F Gemmell 1
J Milne 1 C Morgan 0
W Brand 0 J Campbell 1
J Mitchell 0 D Cameron 1
G Strathie 0 T Waldie 1
J Millar 1 G Gibson 0
J Wilson 1 H Biggam 0
W Stewart and R Findlater 0 D Philip and G Philip 1
M Smith and J Reilly 1 R Clunas and A Biggam 0
  4   5

Below is the result of a match played in May 1908 at Uphall Golf Club.

Uphall Golf Club   Broxburn Golf Club  
W Brown and P Stewart (half) 0 J H Dargo and Dr. Thomson (half) 0
R Stewart and Mr McDougall 1 J Mackay and G Strathie 0
A Geddes and Mr Cowie 1 W Robertson and J Wilson 0
T Brown and J Ritchie 1 J Mitchell and B Ruffell 0
G Smellie and A Robertson 0 W Cuthbertson and W Brand 1
W Gowans and D Rankine 0 Joe Millar and W Clarke 1
J B Brown and Mr Thorborn 1 L D Brand and G West 0
H Geddes and G Brodie 0 W H Murray and G F McKillop 1
G Geddes and W Brown 1 D Findlater and M Forbes 0
  5   3

Changes were made to the nine-hole course in early 1909. On Saturdaty 5th June the “new” course was formally opened by Mr N M Henderson of Broxburn Oil Works, William Brand hitting the opening shot.

In April 1912 James Wilson, Reifnery Bridge, was appointed as part time green-keeper, the salary being 12s/6d a week.

At the annual meeting in March 1913 the following officers were elected; Hon. president, N M Henderson; hon. vice-presidents – W Cuthbertson, W Brand, R L Rough, G S Morrison, Rev. H Ferguson; president, Dr. Scott; captain, C V Campbell; vice-captain, C Bell; treasuer, W Robertson; hon. secretary, J G Glass; committee – T Addison, W Cuthbertson, Rev. R Irskine, J Miller, R Miller, J Thorburn; greens committee – T Addison, J Thorburn, R Milller, W Cuthbertson, J G Glass (also green ranger); match committee – C V Campbell, O Bell, R Miller.

In 1913/4 the membership was 100. Entry fees were 2/6d. Subs for gents were 10/6d and ladies 5/-. Visitors’ fees were 6d, (free with member). No refreshments were available at the club.


Broxburn Golf Club, West Lothian. Opening of the new course in 1914.

From the Linlithgowshire Gazette Friday 1st May 1914. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


During the 1920s to the mid 1930s visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 3/- a week and 6/- a month.

Below is the result of a match played at Linlithgow Golf Club on Saturday May 12th 1923.

Linlithgow Golf Club   Broxburn Golf Club  
H Wakelin and James Reynard 0 A Hogg and J Tully 1
N S Main and John Reynard 1 A F Steel and E D Smith 0
W J McCombie and W J Meek 0 A F Smith and R Miller 1
P Lawrie and D N White 0 S Chambers and J B Allen 1
W M Scott and D Thomas 1 Mr. Curran and Mr. Heggie 0
A Dougal and J Craig 0 J K Corstorphine and D M Leighton 0
A Wright and J Simpson 1 R Y Craig and A Crowe 0
  3   3

The annual meeting was held in the Band Hall in April 1928, J G Glass occupied the chair. The balance sheet was showing that the club was in a very satisfactory condition. The following officers were elected; Hon. president, William Cuthbertson; hon. vice-presidents, Sir John T Cargill, Sr. Alex Scott, Dr, Alex Kelso, William Brand, John Smith, William Fraser, A S Waddell, T P Nathanial; president, J G Glass; vice-president, James Miller; hon. treasurer, William Ritchie; hon. secretary, J K Corstorphine; captain, Alex Syme; vice-captain, James G Stewart; green-ranger, Robert Wood.

Trophy prentation October 1931; Club championship – winner, W Addison; runner-up, R B Waddell; Club trophy – winner, J C Rintoul; runner-up, W Addison; President’s prize – winner, W Addison; runner-up, R S Linn; Sir John T Cargill’s prize – winner, W N McArthur; runner-up, W Addison; W Fraser’s prize – winner, W Addison; runner-up, G A Ruffell.

Broxburn Golf Club held their annual open meeting on the Drumshoreland course on Saturday 21st May 1932. About 40 golfers competed for the silver rose bowl, leading scores; J Wilson (Wincburgh), 84-18-66; R Sinclair (Winchburgh), 90-18-72; N Gilchrist (Uphall), 83-8-75; F Hurston (Uphall), 89-9-80. 

Below report on the annual meeting September 1934.


Broxburn Golf Club, West Lothian. Report on the annual meeting September 1934.

From the Linlithgowsire Gazette Friday 28th September 1934. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Result of the Drumshoreland Rose Bowl open competition played in May 1936; R Wilson (Winchburgh,) 65; James Thomson (Broxburn,) 67; scratch prize R G Waddell (Broxburn,) 73.

In August 1936 brothers Jack and George Addison met in the final for the prize presented annually by William Frasier. Jack won the match by 5&4.

In June 1937 Mrs. R Wardrop, with a score of 83 won the monthly medal. Mrs. Backhouse won the captain's prize, Miss Auld was runner-up. W Waddell defeated J Johnston by one hole in the final of the Sir John S Cargill prize. Following is a list of players who qualified for the club championship; W Roberts, D Syme, R B Waddell, J Johnston, John Addison.

Result below of the final of the “West Lothian Courier Challenge Trophy” played at Drumshoreland in May 1939.

Broxburn Golf Club   Muirhead Golf Club  
J Johnston and W Roberts  5 P White and J Weir 0
D Syme and J Addison 2 J Stewart and J Cameron 0
  7   0

In May 1942 Dr. A Scott M.D was re-elected president of the club.

It seems as though the club was nearing an end. Advert from September 1946 “Broxburn Clubhouse, wooden 30ft x 19 ft; brick kitchenette and fittings, 2 w.c; suitable for conversion to dwelling house; particulars may be obtained from Secretary, Broxburn Golf Club, 19 Union Road.”

From 1936 to the final year in 1948, the 9 holes had a SSS of 70 and Par of 72, and a membership of 75. The amateur course record was held by R B Waddell with a score of 68. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 2/6d a week and 10/- a month.

Broxburn Golf Club, Drumshoreland, West Lothian. Location of the course.

Broxburn golf course map. Grid reference NT08370 70520, co-ordinates 308370 670520.