Kilmarnock Municipal Golf Club, Caprington Golf Course, Ayrshire. (1909 - 1966)

Founded in 1909.

The professional in 1909/10 was David Kilpatrick.

Many thanks to Dr John C B Cooper for his memories of Caprington and Annanhill Golf Clubs as follows.

“My uncle, John McLean was professional at Caprington and Annanhill golf courses from the Second World War until his retirement in 1974. Initially he lived at Caprington, but moved to Annanhill in December 1956 just prior to the opening of this new course in April 1957. However, he designed and laid out Annanhill beforehand. On his transfer to Annanhill, my parents moved into Caprington, where my father became manager/green-keeper under my Uncle John until December 1967. Thus I grew up at Caprington and, during student holidays, worked as a green-keeper.

The first professional at Caprington was David Kilpatrick. I only met him once when he was an old gentleman, but my parents were very friendly with his two sons, Walter and Ian, both of whom were first class amateurs, first at Caprington and then at Prestwick St Nicholas. I never knew that their father was involved with Barassie.

Kilmarnock Municipal Golf Club, Caprington, Ayrshire. Course layout.

The plan of the course as explained above in Dr Coopers notes.


Kilmarnock Municipal Golf Club, Caprington, Ayrshire. The Club House at Riccarton in 1958.

The clubhouse at Caprington.

Caprington golf course was often referred to as “Riccarton Golf Course” because it was located near the village of Riccarton.


Kilmarnock Municipal Golf Club, Caprington, Ayrshire. Location of the Caprington course in 1958.

Location of the Caprington course 1958, prior to its move southwards. 


Caprington opened in 1909, but since that time, it has undergone many structural changes. You will see from the diagrams of its first format a full 18-hole course shown by the unbroken lines and a 9 hole course shown by the broken lines. Both 1st holes, not surprisingly, began at the clubhouse.

In the final of the Castlehill Cup played over 36-holes in June 1935 P E Soutter, jun., beat J E McKendrick by 10 and 9.

From the Kilmarnock Herald and North Ayrshire Gazette Friday 10 December 1937; NEW GOLF COURSE - "Councillor McCubbin spoke on the minute dealing with the golf course at Riccarton and the proposal that it should be extended. He asked if it was worthwhile extending the Riccarton course and inquired if the council were likely to make provision for a new golf course. It was stated that there should be no extension of the present course; as for the new course this matter was being considered. Mr McCubbin thereafter suggested that the council should get of their mark and make provision for a new golf course." 

By the beginning of the 1950s, the 9-hole course was discontinued and a new 18-hole course was laid out but using many of the original holes with a few alterations.

It is also worth mentioning that the lease of the ground by the owner of Caprington to Kilmarnock Corporation stipulated that he retain grazing rights for sheep on the golf course. Thus, there was always a flock of sheep (complete with lambs at springtime) on the course – a fearful headache for the groundsmen, believe me! It was also a fearful headache for the poor, reviled sheep when struck by a high velocity ball!!

In 1966 everything changed. The landowner sold off a large tract of the course to a private builder and many holes were lost forever as was the original clubhouse, my home. However yet another 18-hole and 9-hole course were constructed by my Uncle John further South beyond the diagram’s limit and the new clubhouse stands where you see “Lodge” in the bottom right of the diagram"