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Stewarton Golf Club, Ayrshire. (1912 - WW2)

Founded 1st June 1912.

Originally a 9-hole course at Robertland, it was later, briefly, extended to 18-holes. Provost Sim hit the opening drive on the course; Mr Thomas Mackie was the captain. Sunday play was not allowed. The station was 5 minutes from the course.

Stewarton Golf Club, Ayrshire. Postcard of Gameshill.

A “Reliable Series” postcard of Gameshill.


Thanks to David McKie, past captain and honorary member of Stewarton Golf Club, for providing some of the pictures, which have been attributed accordingly, and also for his invaluable help in locating the Stewarton courses. “The first photo of two golfers with bags shows them heading to the steps leading to the clubhouse and first tee. These steps were adjacent to the river Annick very close to the Cutstraw road/Kilmarnock Road junction at Kirkford, Stewarton. The photo of the lady and gent is taken later, circa 1940, on a green on the second nine hole course on the fields of Draffen Farm, looking west towards Kirkford, Stewarton. The two houses on the right of the picture are on Cutstraw road. The first tee of the old nine hole course was just behind those houses, the first fairway running up the hill to the right of the photo. I was born on a farm called Cutstraw which is just to the right of this photo. My Grandad remembers moving into Cutsraw in 1947, to find pails of golf balls in the barn. The previous owner George Logan, refused to allow golfers to come on to his property to retreive out of bound balls. My grandad often traded these in for motor bike batteries at the local garage whose owner, John Dickson, played golf at Caldwell Golf course at Uplawmoor. When we were boys in the 1960's, my brothers and I used to knock a golf ball around the overgrown golf course over the fence. The hole known as "lime kilns" was our favourite. Mr Gollan was the proprieter of Lochridge farm where the third and final course was laid out around 1950 and closed shortly thereafter”.

Stewarton Golf Club, Ayrshire. Entrance to the course.

Above "Entrance to the course". The course was laid out on 17 acres of land belonging to John Sim. It was situated on the south side of the Cutsburn, now occupied by Golf Loan and Fairways. The land was given over to golf in 1912 on the death of John Sim. David McKie.


Stewarton Golf Club, Ayrshire. Cutstraw course second hole.

The couple on the putting green, of what used to be the second hole on the Draffen course, are Alex and Anna McMillan, Alex was a local fishmonger in Stewarton. David McKie


Stewarton Golf Club, Ayrshire. Club medals.

The first of three silver medals presented by the Stewarton club. David McKie.


Stewarton Golf Club, Ayrshire. The formal opening 1922.

Formal Opening of the Stewarton Golf Club 1922.


Due to leasing problems the club moved to the Draffen and Cutstraw area and laid out a 9-hole course. The club became more prosperous during the 1920s and the course was briefly extended to 18 holes before reverting back to 9 holes.  Some of the holes were named as follows: Blaw Wearie, Village, Dug’s Leg, Tipperary and The Kilns. On at least one occasion the clubhouse was also moved to the new location.

1922 visitors’ fees were; 1/- a day, 5/- a week, 7/6d a fortnight and 10/- a month.

In December 1923 a bazaar was held in aid funds for the new pavilion, £380 was raised.

From the mid 1920s to 1940 visitors’ fees were 2/- a day.

J McNally (5) won the spoon competition played on Saturday 9th July 1927.

Result of  a competition played in July 1938 for prizes presented by the vice-captain; James Smith (14) and Robert Burns (12) tied on 66; James Ferguson (9) and John W L Muir (12) both 68; John Hamilton (9), 69. 

Also in July 1938 competition for the President’s prize, firstly, a mixed foursome, result; Miss E H Hannah & John Parry and Miss Ruby Crawford & Robert Burns, tied on 71½; Miss Jessie L Smith & Jack Hamilton, 72; Gent’s singles – John Craig (8), 66; Angus Ferguson (24), 68.  

July 1938 a foursome result; John Craig and Charles Docherty (14), 64; John Hamilton and James W Hamilton (12), 68; Q E Allstrom and David Smith (13), 69.

In 1947 visitors’ fees were; 2/- a round, 3/- a day, 10/- a week and £1 a month.

Following the war there was a 9-hole course situated at Lochridge, unfortunately this course only lasted a short time, it had disappeared by the late 1940s or early 1950s.

Stewarton Golf Club, Ayrshire. A view from 1960.

A 1960 view from High St, Stewarton, looking to the east over the factories, showing the fields of Gameshill to the right of the tall factory chimney and Draffen and its fields above and adjacent to the line of trees on the horizon. David McKie.


The first course was located near the name Stewarton on the map below.

Grid reference NS42490,45635, co-ordinates 242490,645635.

Stewarton Golf Club, Ayrshire. Stewarton golf course locations.

Locations of the two later courses of the Stewarton club.

For a period of time following WW1 it was situated near Cutstraw.

Grid reference NS42880,45260, co-ordinates 242880,645260.

There was then a later course laid out at Lochridge.

Grid reference NS41855,44740, co-ordinates 241855,644740.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former Cutstraw course.



Although Stewarton Golf Club was listed throughout the 1950s the club had disappeared by the late 1940s. However, the Stewarton Club lives on, affiliated to the SGU, with its current membership playing at Annanhill Golf Course, Kilmarnock.