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Duns Golf Club, Scottish Borders. (1894 - 1921)

Founded 1894.

The original 9-hole course was at Castle Knowe to the east of the town. The club moved to its current location at Woolforland Park in 1921.

Result of a competition for the "Woodburn Gold Medal" was played in March 1899; John A Lawrie, 94-12-82; James R Williamson, 104-20-84; James D Lawrie, 97-10-87; Andrew Robson, 109-18-91; James Oliver, 111-18-93; T Ramsay, 104-10-94; John G Gornall, 123-18-105; T Agnew, 116-8-108; W M Ovens, 135-20-115; Herr Albe, 139-20-119. 

Below is the result of an eighteen-hole match between married and single men played in March 1901. Only seven a side started as some of the married men failed to turn up. The greens were in lovely condition, and a very enjoyable match ended in disaster for the young men.

Duns Golf Club (Married)   Duns Golf Club (Single)  
A Malcolm 2 Dr. Mackintosh 0
James Oliver 4 Herr Albe 0
Bailie Ford 10 W M Ovens 0
James D Lawrie 2 A H Wilkie 0
John Newbigging 2 John R Farnington 0
Walter Laidlaw 4 William Willins 0
Andrew Robson 6 William Storey 0
  30   0


Duns Golf Club, Scottish Borders. A handicap competition played in March 1901.

From the Berwickshire News and General Advertiser March 26th 1901. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the competition played in March 1901. There were a number of prizes played for, all donated by “Friends” of the club. Alexander Malcolm, scratch – 79; Andrew Robson, 92 – 9 – 83; John Newbigging, 95 – 11 – 84; James Clazie, 99 – 14 – 85; James Oliver, 105 – 19 – 86; Adam H Wilkie, 97 – 10 – 87; William M Ovens, 110 – 23 – 87; Alex Buchan, 97 – 10 – 87; Dr Mackintosh, 95 – 6 – 89; William Williams, 108 – 18 – 90; Jas Harvey, 110 – 20 – 90; Bailie Ford, 108 – 15 – 93; Jas R Williamson, 107 – 9 – 98; William Curle, 123 – 22 – 101; Walter Laidlaw, 111 – 9 – 102; Herr Albe, 123 – 16 – 107; John Copland, 142 – 19 – 123.

The prizes won during the past year were presented in September 1901, and a fine array of prizes they were. The presentation was made in the Temperance Hotel, Councillor Malcolm, captain of the club presided, and Mr T Agnew presented the prizes; A Malcolm, barometer; A Robson, hand-bag; John Newbigging, trouser and vest piece; James Clazy, trouser piece; A Buchan, a dozen golf balls; W M Ovens, a pocket book; Dr. Mackintosh, a golf bag; W Willins, a brassie; W Storey, a cleek; J Oliver, a razor; A H Wilkie, a knife; Bailie Ford, a bottle of whisky; W Curle, a silk handkerchief; W Laidlaw, a pocket book; J R Williamson, half a dozen collars; Herr Albe and J W Copland, a pair of knicekr hose.

From the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Hon. secretary - T More, Castle Street, Duns; captain, A Malcolm; six-holes; amateur record - A Malcolm, 72 (18-holes.)

There was a good attendance of members at the annual meeting held in Elliot's Temperance Hotel in September 1905. James Oliver, president of the club, in the chair. It was reported that club finances were satisfactory with £9/6s/5d in hand. The following officers were elected; Honorary president, J L Campbell-Swinton of Kimmerghame; president, A Glendenning; captain, A Malcolm; secretary and treasurer, T More; committee - J Newbigging, T F Walton, W Curle, W H Winter, T Agnew, J J Rankin, J Oliver; green ranger, John Newbigging. The subscriptions as follows; Gentlemen, 5 shillings; Ladies, 2s/6d; Apprentices, 2s/6d, Mr Oliver was thanked for carrying out the duties of president during the last year.

The opening of the course for the 1914 season.


Duns Golf Club, Scottish Borders. The opening of the golf course for the 1914 season.

From The Berwick Advertiser Friday 26th June 1914. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The annual meeting was held in the Masonic Hall in May 1916, Rev. James Eason presided. It was reported that due to the scarcity of labour and the general situation created by the war the course would be closed during the summer months. The committee would reconsider the situation in the autumn.

Below the new course in September 1920.


Duns Golf Club, Scottish Borders. The proposed new golf course September 19120

From the Berwickshire News and General Advertiser Tuesday 14th September 1920. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Duns Golf Club, Scottish Borders. Course location at Castle Knowe.

Location of the Duns course at Castle Knowe. Grid reference NT79290,54270, co-ordinates 379290,654270.