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Greenlaw Golf Club, Scottish Borders. (1923 - 1950s)

Earlier proposed club - There  was a large attendance at a public meeting held in the Town Hall in October 1907 for a golf course for Greenlaw. On the motion of  the Rev. H McCulloch, Mr A Lawson, Lochiel Cottage, was appointed chairman. The Rev. John Safeley, M.A., moved the following resolution - "That this public meeting of the inhabitants of Greenlaw and district approves of the proposal to secure a golf course for the town and neighbourhood, and further appoints the following committee to make full enquiries and to give immediate effect to the scheme, if found to be practicable; Rev. H McCulloch, Rev H G Harpur, Rev. J Safeley, Major Nesbit, A Lawson, T Lindsay, D A Veitch and A Miller (Convener.) 

It seems that nothing came of this earlier club. 

The later club appeared in 1923 and continued through the 1930s. The club was revived for a time following WWII.

The opening of the course in August 1923.


Greenlaw Golf Club, Borders. The opening of the golf course August 1923.

From the Berwickshire News and Advertiser Tuesday 14th August 1923. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Greenlaw Golf Club, Borders. Report on the opening of the golf course August 1923.

From the Berwickshire News and Advertiser Tuesday 21st August 1923. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


The Rev. T R Thomson, hon. secretary, officiated at the opening. Mr Moffat, the club captain, presented a silver golf ball  to Mr Veitch as a momento of the occasion. Mr Veitch then drove off the first ball and declared the course open. After the opening game tea was served at the Curling Club's premises of which the golf club had the use.

Hole measurements and course description; One - 135 yards; Two - 200 yards; Three - 210 yards; Four - 128 yards; Five - 250 yards; Six- 176 yards; Seven - 115 yards; Eight - 200 yards; Nine - 138 yards. The fourth hole is the most difficult the green being situated in dangerous proximity to a ditch and a dyke. At the eighth hole a bank about 30 yards in front of the green needs a well judged approach. A putting course was laid out at the old curling pond near the fourth hole. 

Club officials as follows; President, A R Veitch; vice-president, J Veitch, Todrig; captain, W Moffat, Station House; secretary, T R Thomson; treasurer, George Kerr; committee - R Trotter, P Knowles, D Leitch, D A Veitch, W W McDavid, W Dryburgh. J Johnstone was the green-keeper. Club membership had reached 90, the annual subs were 10s/6d.   

Result of the April 1924 monthly medal; George Hogg, 79; Lyal Smeaton, 84. 

The address was Greenlaw Golf Club, Berwickshire. The secretary in the late 1920s/30s was H Miller, Bank House, Greenlaw, telephone 18. A 9-hole course, the (LNER) station at Greenlaw adjoined the course. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day and there was no Sunday play. Local hotels were the Castle Inn, Lambs, Darlings, Cross Keys and Blackadder Temperance.

The Greenlaw Golf Club held its third annual ball in the Town Hall on Thursday 11th March 1927.

The prize presentation took place in the Town Hall in November 1929, Mrs Dryburgh, Lochiel House, presented the trophies to the following; Veitch Cup, Mr J Fleming; runner-up Mr G Hogg; Thomson Rose Bowl, Miss Ethel Broomfield; runner-up, Miss Isa Darling; Davidson Clubs, Dr and Miss Morrison; runners-up, Miss Cochrane and Mr J Corcoran. An enjoyable dance followed with music supplied by the Douglas Dance Orchestra. Tea was served by Mrs Cochrane, Temperance Hotel.

The final of the Veitch Cup was played in July 1937 it was between Mr Yorkston (scratch) and Mr Collins (8,) Collins won on the last hole.

The secretary at the time of WW2 was H Miller, Bank House, Greenlaw. The nine-hole course adjoined the railway station. Visitors' fees, 1s a day, 7s/6d a month. No Sunday play.

It was reported in 1952 that the Greenlaw Golf Club had been resuscitated as a result of Major Moubray having made the former course available for play. This was agreed at a public meeting held in the Greenlaw War Memorial Club on Wednesday 26th March 1952. Mr J D Clark presided at the meeting and he explained the terms on which Major Mowbray, Todrig, was prepared to make available the former course. It was agreed to accept the privilege of playing on the course on the terms stated and he thanked Major Mowbray for his generosity. It was agreed that a deputation should visit the course with a view to arranging for all necessary work to be carried out and that the course be “re-planned”. Subscriptions for the season would be 10/- for adults and 5/- for under 18s. It was hoped that members could be attracted from Greenlaw and the surrounding area. Office bearers elected were; President, Major Mowbray; captain, Mr A M Shell; vice-captain, Mr F A Hendry; secretary, Mr A J Holmes; treasurer, Mr J Patterson; green-ranger, Mr A Chapman; committee – Mrs K Hendry, Miss F Lillico, W Johnston, J Anderson, J Girvan, J D Clark, H Miller.

The course was re-opened in May 1952 the work on the course being carried out by the members. Visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day, 5/- a week and 7/6 for a fortnight.

A “Gift Sale” was held in aid of club funds in November 1952, as a result of the effort made a sum of £75 was raised. Mr A J Holmes, secretary of the club, thanked all people who had contributed. 

In March 1952 the Greenlaw Golf Club received a gift from Hon. Company of Edinburgh Golfers (Muirfield) of  a fairway and a green motor mower and roller. The machines, in perfect condition, would enable the club to restore the course to a high standard.

The annual meeting was held in the War Memorial Club in February 1954, F H Hendry presided. Official elected were; Captain, W Groundwater; vice-captain, J T Paterson; hon. secretary, A J Holmes; hon. treasurer, A Chapman; green-ranger, E G G Kelly; committee - G Waddell, W Purves, J Waddell, A M Steel.

In the final of the Thrupp Cup played in September 1954 C Hood (scratch) beat G Waddell (14) by one hole.


Greenlaw Golf Club, Berwickshire, Borders. Postcard showing Greenlaw from the golf course..


Greenlaw Golf Club, Berwickshire, Borders. Postcard showing Greenlaw from the golf course..

Greenlaw from the golf course on postcards by Lilywhite Ltd., Brighouse.


Result of a match played at Greenlaw against Duns Golf Club in July 1955.

Greenlaw Golf Club   Duns Golf Club  
C Hood and W Purves 1 W Miller and J Kirk 0
J D Clark and A Trotter 0 A Lothian and A T N Lees 1
W Groundwater and J Lyall 1 D Marquis (captain) and A More 0
A J Holmes and J Middlemiss (half) 0 A Lees and D Johnstone (half) 0
J T Paterson (captain) and G Waddell (half) 0 E Massie and A Green (half) 0
A S Chapman and R Dodds 1 J Thomson and D Stewart 0
  3   1

The prize presentation was held in conjunction with the annual whist drive in October 1955. J T Paterson, club captain, introduced Mrs Moubray who presented the prizes; Craigengall Championship Cup - A J Holmes; runner-up, A Trotter; Thrupp Cup - C Hood; runner-up, William Purves; Paterson Trophy - J D Clark; runner-up, A J Holmes; Veitch Cup - J C Kidd. 

Report on the annual meeting in March 1956.


Greenlaw Golf Club, Borders. Report on the annual meeting March 1956.

Berwickshire News and General Advertiser Tuesday 27th March 1956. Image © Johnston Press plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


In the semi-finals of the Paterson Cup in July 1956 W Purves beat J D Clark by 3 and 1, and C Hood beat W Groundwater by five and four.

In August 1956 J T Paterson, former club captain, was made the first ever life member of the club for his great service during the last five years. 

In the final of the Thrupp Cup played in September 1956 W Groundwater beat C Hood by one hole.

The Greenlaw golfers were presented with their trophies at a whist drive in the Memorial Club in October 1956, Mr W Groundwater in the chair. Mrs Frew made the presentation to the following winners; Craigengall Cup, J Lyall; Veitch Cup, J D Clark; Paterson Trophy, C Hood; Thrupp Cup, W Groundwater. A vote of thanks was given by Mr A Holmes, club captain.  

It was also reported in October 1956 that the Greenlaw Golf Club have had a successful season. The subscription was the lowest in Scotland.

Nothing further found. 

Greenlaw Golf Club, Borders. Location of the former course.

The Greenlaw golf course adjoined the station on fields to the west of Catmass.

Grid reference NT70820,44910, co-ordinates 370820,644910.