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Lennel Golf Club, Coldstream, Scottish Borders. (1911 - WW2)

Founded in 1911.

The following is from the Berwickshire News Tuesday 28th October 1913. "NEW PAVILION OPENED AT LENNEL - Capt. Waring, M.P., who two years ago kindly laid out a nine-hole course for Lennel Golf Club, and has continued to keep it up at his own expense, has further shown his generosity by erecting a splendid new pavilion for the use of the members of the Golf and Tennis clubs, at a cost of £1,500. This pavilion was thrown open to the members on Saturday, when a foursome competition was held, result; winners - Miss J Logan and J R Calder; runners-up - Miss Welsh and Dr. Wallace." 

The annual meeting of the club was held in the clubhouse in April 1914. Lady Clementine Waring, captain of the club, presided. The total membership of the club was 102 (50 ladies and 52 gentlemen). The number of visitors to the course since July was 112. The treasurer’s report showed that, through Captain Waring’s generosity, the club was in a sound financial position being £95/16s/10d in credit. The following officials were appointed; President, Captain Waring; captain, Lady Clementine Waring; committee – Mrs Calder, Mrs G Henderson, R Scott Alton, William McNay, Alex Welsh and Dr Wallace; secretary, Mr D L Elder. It was agreed to hold an open golf meeting in September.

Below, result of a mixed foursome club match played against Goswick at Lennel in May 1914.

Lennel Golf Club   Goswick Golf Club  
Dr J Henderson & Mrs Collingwood (half) 0 W R Blair & Miss Cunningham (half) 0
J Calder & Miss Oswald 0 W R McCreath & Mrs McCreath 1
Dr Wallace & Lady Clementine Waring 0 Alex Darling & Miss Dunlop 1
R Scott Alton & Miss Fulton 1 C Moran & Mrs Adam Darling 0
J McNay jun & Miss Calder 1 J C Collingwood & Miss McCreath 0
  2   2

Result of a ladies’ competition played on Thursday 28th May 1914; Mrs Collingwood, 44; Mrs McNay, 45; Mrs Calder, 47. 


Lennel Golf Club, Coldstream. View over the course.

Above is a pre-WW1 view of the Lennel golf course. Postcard published by G W Gibson, Coldstream.


In 1923 the secretary was H F R Jones, the professional J Nelson and the greenkeeper W Neil. A 9 hole flat course on the river bank. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 3/6d a week, 5/- a fortnight and 10/- a month. The station at Coldstream was 1 ½ miles away.

In the mid 1920s the secretary was J F Brown, Viewfield Terrace, Coldstream and the greenkeeper M Corcoran. Club membership was 100. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day, 7/6d a week, 10/- a fortnight and 15/- a month. Sunday play was not allowed. Local hotels were the Newcastle Arms and the Crown Temperance.

The annual meeting was held in the clubhouse on Thursday 19th March 1925, Provost Carmichael presiding. The following officers were elected for the coming season; President, Major W Waring; captain, The Lady Clementine; vice-captain, Dr Henderson; secretary, Mr J F Brown; treasurer, Mr D C Hardie; match secretary, Mr W R Cairns; committee – Dr Henderson, Major D L Elder, J Palmer, Jas Sloan, D S L Archibald and the Misses Shiel, Lillico, Clark and Reid. The green ranger was Dr Henderson.   

During the 1930s the secretary was D Porteous, Easter Hill, Coldstream and the greenkeeper R Hewitt. Sunday play still not allowed. Fees were as before.

Results of stroke competitions played in August 1930; Ladies - Miss Jackson, 81-6-75; Miss Edgar, 100-12-88; Miss A L Reid, 108-14-94; Miss McCaskie, 109-14-95; Miss D Gray, 111-16-95; Miss M T Gray, 116-20-96; Gentlemen - W Jackson, 85-8-77; J F Brown, 88-10-78; J R Proud, 87-8-79; Carl Brown, 89-10-79; J Sinclair, 97-16-81; A R Wightman, 99-14-85.

At the general meeting in held in April 1933 the balance sheet was produced and showed a balance in hand of £38. The following officers were elected; president, Mr Campbell of Lennel; vice-president, Provost Carmichael; captain, R Ormiston; vice-captain, W Jackson.

Below is the result of a mixed foursome match played at Earlston against Lennel in June 1937.

Earlston Golf Club   Lennel Golf Club  
Miss M L Milton & J Fairley 1 Miss Jackson & J Moffat 0
Mrs W Frater & R M Campbell 0 Mrs Jackson & W Jackson 1
Miss T Mack & D Fleming (half) 0 Miss D Gray & A P Scott (half) 0
Mrs J Aikman & G Wilkie 1 Mrs R L Williamson & R L WIlliamson 0
Miss N Hunter & S Hogg 1 Miss Reid & W Cairns 0
Miss E S Kerr & M Brodie 0 Miss Edgar & J Sinclair 1
Mrs T Bell & A Romanes 0 Miss Hardie & R Ormiston 1
Mrs R Pauling & M Dobson 0 Miss McDougal & J R Proud 1
Miss A Aitchison & R A Thomson  0 Miss Skinner & H T Shaw 1
  3   5

Below is the result of a match played at Earlston Golf Club (also now defunct) against Lennel Golf Club in June 1938.

Earlston Golf Club   Lennel Golf Club  
J Fairley & S Hogg 0 J Moffat & W Jackson 1
G Wilkie & D Denham 1 R Ormiston & A P Scott 0
R A Thomson & G Hunter 0 J E Sinclair & R S Orr 1
R Henderson & T Bell 1 K T Shaw & W Lillico 0
W Brockie & B Mason 1 J A Jamieson & T Nelson 0
R S Thomson & G Mason 0 R Lillico & W Tait 1
T Muchol & B Frater 1 A Stavert & Rev J G L Christie 0
H Fleming & R Keddie 1 R Maigach & A Stavert jun 0
  5   3

In 1940 and 1947 the secretary was R Ormiston, 46 High Street, Coldstream and the greenkeeper  A Stavert. 9-holes of 2,270yds with a Par of 35 and a membership of 100. Daily visitors’ fees had been reduced to 1/6d a day and Sunday play was allowed after 1.30pm at a cost of 2/-.

Lennel Golf Club, Coldstream. Location of the former course.

Location of the former Lennel Golf Club. Grid reference NT85170,40585, co-ordinates 385170,640585.



From 1951 to 1960 the club’s name was still appearing but the course had probably ceased to exist by this time.