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Peebles Golf Club, Borders. (1893 - 1908)

On Saturday afternoon 8 April 1893, in the presence of a large gathering of ladies and gentlemen, the nine-hole course and pavilion was formally opened by Mr Walter Thorburn M.P. The course was situated on Edderston Farm, Morning Hill, on land belonging to the Earl of Wemyss and March. Following the opening ceremony a match was played by teams selected by the captain and secretary, it resulted in a win for the secretary by 19 holes, the scores being captain’s team 13 and the secretary’s team 32. Report below.


Peebles Golf Club, Borders. Report on the opening of the golf course in April 1893.


Peebles Golf Club, Borders. Report on the opening of the golf course in April 1893.


Peebles Golf Club, Borders. Report on the opening of the golf course in April 1893.

Southern Reporter Thursday 20 April 1893. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Result of the July 1894 monthly medal; Rev J C Williamson, 80 scratch; Andrew Melrose, 98-18-80; T Plendrieth, 104-21-83; W Campbell, 107-24-83; A Yellowlees, 90-5-85; W Macqueen, 90-5-85; D Morrison, 99-12-87; T Cleghorn, 109-21-88; A Ruickbie, 112-24-88.

Results from the spring handicap competition for the Wyer Cup played on Saturday 21 April 1900; Class one (to 10 handicap) – J Keddie, 86-9-78; R Inglis, 83-4-79; J Lyon, 88-6-82; T A R Brydon, 89-7-82; W C Yellowlees, 85-2-83; W McQueen, 86-2-84; Second class (handicap 11 and over) – R M Thorburn, 84-14-70 (winner of the Wyer Cup); F Pearson, 91-12-79; Otto Inglis, 93-12-81; C Gibb, 106-20-86; R S Anderson, 100-12-88; W Johnstone, 101-13-88.

Below is the result of a match played at Torwoodlee in April 1900. 

Torwoodlee Golf Club   Peebles Golf Club  
W Addison 0 H Ballantyne 0
W Dodds 3 Tom Ballantyne 0
John Given 1 W Thorburn jnr 0
Colonel Graham 3 R Inglis 0
H H G Lees 1 W Yellowlees 0
Murray Brown 8 J Yellowlees 0
H Sanderson 0 A Yellowlees 1
A D Robson 2 J Lockhart 0
Jas Watson 0 T Brydon 0
Rae Brown 0 D Morrison 6
E A G Lees 7 F Pearson 0
D McLagan 0 Otto Inglis 1
Jas Brown jnr 0 Harrison Ballantyne 0
  25   8

The following is taken from the 1905 Nisbet's Golf Yearbook; Membership of 118; Nine-holes; Hon. Secretary - A R Douglas, Glenside, Edderton Road, Peebles; Captain - R J M Inglis; Professional, James Nelson; Entrance Fee, nil and Subs £1; Ladies, 7s/6d; Visitors' fees 1s a day, 3s/6d (ladies 2s/6d) a week, 10s (ladies 5s) a month. "The course is hilly and of a sporting character with good turf and greens. The hazards consist of whins, quarries and bunkers. The view from the course is very fine."    


Peebles Golf Club, Borders.The original Peebles course location.

The first Peebles course was to the south west of the town at Morning Hill.

Grid reference NT24440,39130, co-ordinates 324440,639130.

The club moved to its present location at Kirklands in 1908.