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Oranje Golf Club at Scheveningen. (1899 - 1909)

According to Nisbet’s Golf Guide 1910 the Oranje Golf Club was founded in 1899.

By 1909 it had 130 members with a 9-hole course for gentlemen as well as a 5-hole course for ladies and was situated one minute from Scheveningen railway station. Bertram “Bob” Dunn, the son of John Dunn from the Hague Golf Club was the professional in 1909 and he also held the course record of 34. The Amateur course record of 37 strokes was held by Reverend H. Ratford.

“A very sporting course, with sand bunkers and whines. The course is rather rough, but does not get much play, and visitors will be well advised to take their match with them, as they may have difficulty in picking one up”

Compared to The Hague Golf Club the Oranje Golf Club was probably the more appealing. Originally founded at the Oranje Hotel it attracted many members of the diplomatic corps. The Hague Golf Club, which by 1899 had already been operating for six years, was somewhat difficult to reach, as a paved road to reach the course from Den Haag was only partially completed. This probably explains why the Oranje Golf Club quickly had 80 members.

Bob Dunn became a better golfer than his father and he provided a design for the golf course. Bob Dunn would later leave for Munich, but in 1914 he found it safer to return to the Netherlands and he became the professional at the Noordwijkse club.

There was additional land next to the golf course, but it was not available, as it was needed to dry fishing nets. In 1902 a charming little clubhouse was built, until then the Oranje Hotel was used as clubhouse.


Oranje Golf Club, Scheveningen. The clubhouse and course 1902.

The clubhouse and golf course in 1902.


Oranje Golf Club, Scheveningen. The Oranje clubhouse in 1902.

Both above images from the history of the "Oranje Tennis Club 1899-1999"


Despite the limitations of the golf course the national championship was played here in 1906.


Oranje Golf Club, Scheveningen. Entry from the 1910 Nisbet's Golf Guide.

Above entry from the 1910 Nisbet’s Golf Guide.


The golf activities of the club continued until 1909. From 1910 onward the club continued operations as an exclusive tennis club. It took until 1922 though before the club’s name changed into Oranje Tennis Club.

The Google Map below pinpoints the approximate location of the former railway station which was only a one minute walk to the golf course.