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Großherzoglicher Golf Club, Darmstadt, Böllenfalltor. (1892 - 1942)

The first reference to Golf in Darmstadt, a city in central Germany some 40 km south of Frankfurt/Main, is given in The Golfing Annual 1891-92 Vol. V on pages 130 and 131, where it is stated that a Darmstadt Golf Club was instituted in February 1892 under the patronage of H.R.H. the Grand Duke of Hessen-Darmstadt. Rev. J.King Cummin, the English Chaplain at Darmstadt, was the honorary secretary.

Following is a description of the former course; “The course, of nine holes, is situated on the Exercierplatz, a level sandy plain extending from the station in a westerly direction, two miles in length and three-quarters of a mile in breadth. It is surrounded by woods, with large open spaces between of sand and short, crisp turf. The hazards are easy, consisting of breastworks, trees, a mound, and a shed, and the lies through the green fairly good, except between three of the holes, where sand and horses hoofmarks are too plentiful. The holes are of good average length, and 39 is a steady card.”

It is not known how long this club existed. A new golf club was founded in 1911 and the same year the club joined the German Golf Federation, which itself was founded in 1907. A nine hole golf course was laid out and opened in 1912 next to the Böllenfalltor, where today Darmstadt 98 plays its football matches.

Following the war the land used for pre-war holes six to nine were lost. The area left available was too small for a decent golf course and there were many crossing fairways. The club, which since 1911 had been called “Großherzoglicher Golf-Club”, was at its peak in 1925 when it had 134 members. From then on the membership decreased to 118 (1928), 115 (1929), 80 (1932), 66 (1933), 62 (1936), 52 (1937) and 42(1939). In 1942 the club was dissolved. All that remains today is the clubhouse, now used by “Tennis- und Eisclub Darmstadt” and an allotment garden founded in 1946 which is called “An den Golfplätzen”

Following is the entry from the 1933 Golfer's Handbook; Großherzoglicher Golf-Club, Am Böllenfalltor; Membership of 80; Hon. secretary - J P Broicher, Weyprecht Str. 10; Nine-holes; Visitors' fees, 3 marks a day, 5 marks on Sunday, 15 marks a week, 30 marks a month.


Großherzoglicher Golf Club, Darmstadt. The clubhouse.

Above is the Großherzoglicher Golf Club clubhouse.