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Kölner (Cologne) Golf Club. (1906 - WW1) 

The first Kölner (Cologne) Golf-Club was founded in 1906; A nine-hole course measuring 1,805m with a bogey score of 35. The course was inside the Köln-Merheim racecourse (today; “Galopprennbahn Köln-Weidenpesch”). In 1909 the Kölner Golf-Club joined the German Golf Federation and golf was played on the racecourse until at least until 1911. The following appeared in the 1911/12 yearbook of the German Golf Federation; On July 1st 1911 the club had 46 members and Charles Savage was the golf professional.


Kölner Golf Club, Rodenkirchen. The first course on the horse race track.

The horse racing course in 1903 (by Schmidt-Benecke, "Der Hindernissport.") Before the golf course came into being.


Kölner Golf Club, Rodenkirchen. Early advertising poster for the golf course.

Poster advertising the Kölner golf course.


It is not exactly clear when golf was last played on the Köln-Merheim Golf racecourse, but on June 15th 1914 “Lawn-Tennis und Golf” published a description of the new course at Marienburg. The text gives the impression that the course would be opened very soon. 

The yearbook of the German Golf Federation from 1914 indicated the club had 100 members on June 30th 1914 and that the new golf course at Marienburg(Rodenkirchen) was now open.

Christoph Meister, 2017

The Google Map below shows the Köln-Merheim racecourse.