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Langenschwalbach im Taunus Golf Course. (1906 - 1935) 

The Golfhaus (Badweg 19, 65307) at Bad Schwalbach (formerly Langenschwalbach) is all that remains from the golf course that was built there in 1906, some 20km north of Wiesbaden. From the “Golfhaus” the 9-hole course was laid out in SE direction. On early pre WWI postcards the first tee of the course is shown just next to the “Golfhaus.”

In July 1908 (No.10) the German magazine “Lawn Tennis und Golf” reports that recently a new golf club by the name of Golf-Club Langenschwalbach has been founded. Landrat von Trotha was elected president and Stabsarzta.D.Dr Stern was elected as honorary secretary. Later that year the same magazine reports (No.28) that the first tournament for Amateur Players was held on Langen-Schwalbach golf course from August 23 to August 28 playing over 36 holes (4 rounds of 9 holes). 16 players had registered. There were 3 trophies for gentlemen and one for ladies. Major Fenner from London won the first prize with 133 strokes. Mr Wilson from Washington won the second prize with 136 strokes and Mr. Fischer from Valparaiso the 3rd prize with 152 strokes. The ladies trophy was won by Miss Grant from Wiesbaden.

The “LangenSchwalbach course” is first mentioned in the 1908/09 Edition of the Golfing Annual by David S. Duncan. The 1909 Golfer’s Handbook mentions a Langenschwalbach G.C. with Hon.Sec. Dr. Stern and “closed during winter. Sunday play”. The 1914 Golfer’s handbook says “Apply Landrat von Trotka”. After WW I the 1926 Golfer’s Handbook mentions a “LangenschwalbachG.C.” with 9-holes and a professional called C.Lang. “Sunday play, with caddies”.

Golf trophies from 1912 and 1913 sold at auction in the UK also seem to prove that there was not only a course but also a “Schwalbach Golf Club” in existence. As this club was never a member of the German Golf Federation it is difficult to find more information. Also from the winner names on the existing trophies it seems that most golfers were British.

With the last sources from 1933 confirming the existence of the golf course it seems that Langenschwalbach Golf Course was closed down around 1935. It seems that there were far fewer British and American tourists and spa guests visiting the area at the time.


Langenschwalbach im Taunus Golf Club. Green-keepers at work on the course in 1933.

Green-keepers at work in 1933.


Langenschwalbach im Taunus Golf Club. Course layout in the mid 1930s.

Course layout in the 1930s.


A layout plan from 1933 suggests that the first hole and most probably also the ninth hole were shortened at a later stage after 3 tennis courts had been built adjacent to the “Golfhaus”. I must say though that I have only seen the tennis courts next to the “Golfhaus” on postcards printed after WW II. Also the plan from 1933 shows that there were only 8 greens, as one green was used for the 5th and 7th hole.

C. Meister, 2017.


Langenschwalbach im Taunus Golf Club. Early View of the clubhouse and course


Langenschwalbach im Taunus Golf Club. Early View of the course.

The above postcards show the clubhouse and course in the early years.


Langenschwalbach im Taunus Golf Club. Recent picture of the first hole.

The first hole.


Langenschwalbach im Taunus Golf Club. Recent picture of the clubhouse.

The later pictures above were taken by Christoph Meister in 2010.


The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former course.