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Fishguard & Goodwick Golf Club, Pembrokeshire. (1921 - 1964)

Below is a report on the new course in 1921.


Fishguard & Goodwick Golf Club, Pembrokeshire. A report on the new course in 1921.

From the Pall Mall Gazette Friday 16th September 1921.


The opening ceremony of the original Fishguard & Goodwick Golf Club took place on Saturday July 30th 1921, and was performed by Lady Jones of Pentower, Fishguard, who was the wife of Sir Evan Jones (Bart). Pentower House still stands today. The 2000 yard course was situated in Cwmbrandy, on

Fishguard & Goodwick Golf Club. The overgrown earlier course in 2002.

Overgrown site of the earlier Fishguard & Goodwick Golf course on Cwnbrandy

the southern slopes of the bay, overlooking the harbour and Irish Channel. (The valley may have derived its name as a smuggling route for contraband from the coast to the hinterland). During the 1920s there was a proposal to extend the course to eighteen holes but this never materialised. The local hotel was the Fishguard Bay, which at the time offered the following impressive amenities: “lift to all rooms, centrally heated, luxury furnished, billiards, library, croquet, hard tennis court, sub tropical gardens and within 1mile of the new Fishguard Golf Links”. The railway station at Fishguard & Goodwick (GWR) was about 1 mile away.

Thanks to G B Evans, who, as a child, lived in Park House which was on the earlier golf course at Cwmbrandy. He caddied there, and also managed to play the course once or twice, when no-one was looking!

Mr Evans also provided information that the course moved to a location near Scleddau. It appears on maps on Tre-groes Moor from 1948 until the mid 1970s.



1920/30s                     Dr J Howard and T O Jenkins (joint)

1931/40                       C W Richards, 9 Vergam Terrace, Fishguard.

1947                             J J Owen, 10 West Street, Fishguard.

1951                             F Fairclough, 50 Vergam Terrace, Fishguard



1920/30s                     S Davies (p)

1930/33                       A Thomas (p)

1933/37                       E C Phillips (p)

1937/40                       W H Williams (p)

1947/51                       T O Williams (g)

1955                             T J Devonald (g)


During the 1920s and early 1930s the club had a membership of 110. Visitors’ fees were 2/6d a day (1/6d from 1927) and 10/6d a week (7/6d from 1927).

From 1931 to 1940 membership was about 120 and visitors’ fees were 1/6d a day and 7/6d a week.

In 1947 the par was 34 and membership stood at 90.

In 1951 the SSS and Par were 74. Visitors’ fees were 2/6d a day and 10/- a week. By 1955 the SSS and Par were 70.

In the club’s last year in 1964, the secretary was F Fairclough, 50 Vergam Terrace, Fishguard. The greenkeeper was T J Devonald. The 9-hole course had a SSS and Par of 70 and a membership of 85.


Fishguard & Goodwick Golf Club. The course at Cwmbrandy.

Location of the earlier Fishguard & Goodwick course at Cwmbrandy.


Fishguard & Goodwick Golf Club. Location of the course on Tregroes Moor.

The Fishguard & Goodwick course in 1948, on Tregroes Moor

The Google Map below pinpoints the location of the former course on Tregroes Moor.