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Llanfyllin Golf Club, Powys. (1909 - WW1)

Founded in 1909.  

In 1910 the following report appeared in a local newspaper: “The Llanfyllin Golf Club is now firmly established, and I am pleased to hear, has already engaged a professional, G Hancock, who gives lessons for the extremely moderate fee of one shilling per hour. With such a strong committee and Mr J Lomax as president to back them up, the hardworking and popular secretary, Mrs Felix Jones and treasurer, Mr D Davies, need I should think have no fear of the future prospects of the club. The course it is hoped, will be in good condition by next spring, and the playing abilities of the members will then warrant the club in accepting challenges and recording many pleasant battles won and lost against surrounding golfers. There are a few excellent features in the club rules which I would heartily command. Among these are the following :- (a) No player is allowed to purchase balls – new or old – from caddies, the latter young gentlemen being left entirely in the hands of  the officials and the pro. (b) Members wishing to resign were required to give three months' notice to the secretary before the end of the club year. (c) No boys can be employed as caddies unless recommended by the committee. Finally, the fees are extremely moderate, the annual subscriptions being fixed at 15 shillings for gentlemen and half a guinea for ladies. Llanfyllin Golf Club, Here’s health and good luck to you for many a year”

In 1914 the secretary was still Mrs Felix Jones. A 9-hole course in Bodfach Park, 10 minutes from the station and 5 minutes from the town, the course was in good condition all year round. There was a membership of 40. The entry fee for gents was £1/1/0 and ladies 10/6d. Subs for gents £1/1/0, ladies 10/6d. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 2/6d a week and 7/6d a month. There was no Sunday play.


Llanfyllin Golf Club, Powys. Bodfach Park.


Llanfyllin Golf Club, Powys. Bodfach Park.

Views of Bodfach Park, home of the short lived course in Llanfylin. (taken in 2002).


Llanfyllin Golf Club disappeared after WW1.

Grid reference SJ13560,20120, co-ordinates 313560,320120.