Llanfairfechan Golf Club, Conwy. (1909 - 1950s)

Founded in 1909.

The course was formally opened on Tuesday 3rd August 1909. A 9-hole private course with wonderful views at Llys y Gwynt and Rhiwiau, belonging to Col Pratt CB. Local hotels were the Queens, Castle and the Llanfair Arms. Sunday play was never allowed. The railway station was a 30 minute walk from the course.





G H Burnley, Cefn-y-Coed, Llanfairfechan.

E Main (p) (1909 - 1915).


O B Ellis, Council Office, Llanfairfechan.

R Williams (g)


B D Rees.

R Williams (g)


W E Roberts, Mount Garden, Llanfairfechan.

R Williams (g) 

In 1914 there was a membership of 45. There was no entry fee. Subs were £1/1/0. Visitors’ fees were 1/6d a day, 5/- a week and 10/6 a month. Ladies 1/-, 4/-, 8/- respectively. Sunday play was not allowed.

From the Liverpool Daily Post Thursday 8th July 1915; "LLANFAIRFECHAN GOLF LINKS - At Tuesday evening's meeting of the Llanfairfechan Urban District Council a letter from Major Eric Platt was read agreeing to a suggestion made to him with respect to the golf links at Llanfairfechan. Major Plat in his letter stated that the Council could have the golf course free without any rent-charge, the only conditions being that Mrs Platt, Miss Platt and himself and any friends staying with them should have free use of the links when they wished to play, the Council to keep the golf house in order, pay for any damage done, meet any demands the tenant of the grazing rights might make, and pay the costs of the agreement embodying the gift. After considerable discussion the Council decided to accept Major Platt's offer."  


Llanfairfechan Golf Club, Conwy. The golf course needed for the war effort in 1917.

Burton Daily Mail Thursday 7th June 1917. Image © Trinity Mirror. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Llanfairfechan Golf Club, Conwy. The earlier clubhouse and course.

The earlier clubhouse and course.


Llanfairfechan Golf Club, Conwy. The course on a 1920s postcard.

Postcard showing the course, posted in 1918. Card by W E Owen, Caxton House. Authors Collection.


LLanfairfechan Golf Club, Conwy. The Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse.


Llanfairfechan Golf Club, Conwy. Course layout.

Course layout. Grid reference SH68050,73125, co-ordinates 268050,373125.


In 1928 the amateur course record was held by ? Ellacot 35.Visitors fees were now gents 2/6d a day, 7/6d a week, 15/- a month. Ladies 2/6d, 6/-, 12/6 respectively.

From 1935 to the club’s last year in 1953 the secretary was Tom Jones, Tyn Llwyn, Llanfairfechan. The green-keeper was R Williams. The membership was 70 in 1935, 40 in 1939/40 and 50 in 1953. The 9 hole course now had a SSS of 66 and a Par of 64. Visitors’ fees were Gents 2/6d a day (1/6d after 2 pm), 7/6d a week, 15/- a month. Ladies 2/6d, 6/-, 12/- respectively.

The current Club was founded in 1971.