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Royal Cornwall Golf Club. Bodmin. (1889 - 1950s)

Founded in 1889 as the Cornwall County Golf Club.

Originally an eighteen-hole course, laid out by John Allan of Westward Ho, situated on the site of the old Bodmin Racecourse on Bodmin Moor. It was an undulating moorland course 600 to 700 feet above sea level, hazards were roads and gorse.

Opening day competition in April 1889.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin Racecourse. Opening day competition in April 1889.

West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser Thursday 18 April 1889. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


From the Cornish Telegraph Thursday 13 August 1891 - "The Earl of Mount Edgcumbe has intimated to the secretary of the Cornwall County Golf Club (Mr H J Young-Jamieson) that Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to command this club shall be styled henceforth "The Royal Cornwall County Golf Club."

The report below from January 1890 claiming that the Cornwall County Golf Club was in existence before Lelant.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. One of the earliest established golf courses in Cornwall.

The Cornish Telegraph Thursday 16 January 1890. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Competition medal.

A Royal Cornwall Golf Club competition medal.

Showing the club motto “One and All”


Certain features of the old course could still be seen in 2000. The railway station at Bodmin was 2 miles away.  Local hotels were the Royal and the Town Arms.

The Royal Cornwall Golf Club clubhouse was a modest pavilion type building with a tin roof, the interior was lined with cedar wood. 

The images below are from the 1960s when it had become "The Royal Bungalow Cafe." Thanks to the contributor of the image, who wished to remain anonymous. Fly, the farmers dog, did request a mention.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. The former clubhouse in 1963.

The above picture of the former clubhouse was taken in 1963, featuring Fly the dog.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Business Card for the Royal Bungalow Cafe.

The Royal Bungalow Cafe business card.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Picture of The Royal Links in 2016.

Recent (2016) picture of "The Royal Links."


The Cornwall County Club held its AGM in January 1890 at Bodmin, Lord Robartes presiding. A balance in hand of £6/13s/4d was reported. The following officers were elected; President, Lord Robartes; captain, Col Swiney; hon Secretary, Mr H Young-Jamieson; treasurer, Mr C H Hext; Committee, Rev R H Boles, B F Edyvean, F J Hext junr, Lieut Col Rashleigh, Mr Melville Sandys.

The ladies section held there meeting at Lanhydrock on Monday 24th February 1890. Lady Robartes, president, was in the chair. Also present; Mrs Gilbert, Mrs Rashleigh, Mrs Every, Mrs Young-Jamieson, Mrs Brown, Mrs Edyvean, Mrs Wolfstan Francis, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Surney. Mrs Glencross of Colquite and Mrs Pease sent their apologies. Fixtures were arranged for the coming season. Current membership was 40.

The Ladies Spring Handicap was held in April 1890. The weather was fine, the course was in good condition and the greens were fast and true. Because many of the members had been playing through the winter months, the committee had considerable difficulty in setting the handicaps. Result; Mrs Humphrey Willyams, 154-40-114; Mrs Young-Jamieson, 129-12-117; Mrs Edyvean, 128-16-112; Mrs A Alms, 162-36-126; Miss E Gilbert, 139-9-130; Mrs Elliott, 178-36-142; Mrs Every, 195-27-168; Miss Young-Jamieson, 213-45-168. Mrs Rashleigh and Mrs Browne had no returns.

The gents winter handicap took place on 22 April 1890; Mr Melvill Sandys, 110-22-88; Mr C H Hext, 101-11-90; Mr Young-Jamieson, 107-13-94; Mr B F Edyvean, 100 scratch; Mr E Cochran, 125-21-104.

On Saturday 19 April 1890 the County Club played a match against St Kew on the County course. The village club of St Kew was started up by Mr Melvill Sandys last summer and great credit was given to them for the way they played.

Bodmin Golf Club   St Kew Village Golf Club  
J O A Adams 8 H Warne 0
E Cochran 0 R Miller 0
B F Edyvean 9 J Cock 0
R S E Marrlott 2 J Punch 0
B A Newbury 0 C Bannerman 9
Colonel Swinney 0 Melvill Sandys 14
Colonel Parkyn 1 A Stone 0
H Young-Jamieson 7 N Bray 0
  27   23

The second of the summer monthly ladies’ handicap at the Cornwall County Club took place on the 6 June 1890. The weather was damp in the morning and a strong westerly wind blew across the course making the temperature anything but what it should have been for the time of year. The cold wintry weather is reflected in the following scores; Miss Fenwick, first round 70, second round, 64, gross 134, handicap 30, score 104; Miss Alms, 80+77=157- 40-117; Mrs Young-Jamieson, 74+70=144-10-134; Mrs Fenton, 97+88=185-40-145; Mrs Elliot, 110+90=200-45-155.  

On the 5 September 1890 an unusual game at the time (it's rare to find anything on junior golf), a handicap match between the children of members of the County Club took place. Ages ranged from 7 to 17, the eldest to start scratch and give three strokes a year to the younger; once round the ladies nine hole course. The weather was perfect and there were a large number of supporters. E Browne won the boy's first prize quite easily and promises to be a good golfer, his brother W Browne getting second place. Result of the Boy's Handicap.

Master E Browne 49 3 46
Master W Browne 71 15 56
Master G Fenton 66 scr 66
Master H Every 69 3 66
Master Walter Browne 91 24 67
Master T Young-Jamieson 91 24 67
Master G Every 89 21 68
Master S Browne 82 9 73
Master C Young-Jamieson 113 30 83
Master R Glencross 146 30 116

The first prize was a Badminton Library Golf Book, second prize a silver-handled paper knife, third prize a silver-handled button hook, fourth prize silver pencil case, consolation prize of golf balls.

Girl's Handicap result.

Miss Young-Jamieson 75 15 60
Miss Every 69 scr 69
Miss Anderson 86 scr 86
Miss E Fenton 112 21 91
Miss Elliott 104 12 92
Miss Melvill Sandys 108 9 99
Miss Fenton 111 6 105
Miss Swiney 134 3 131
Miss M Anderson 152 15 137
Miss M Swiney 250 18 232

First prize a bronze cleek, second a silver pencil case, third jewel-case, fourth silver photo-frame.

Report from "Golf" Friday 21 August 1891 - "CORNWALL COUNTY GOLF CLUB - Her Majesty the Queen has intimated, through the Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, to the secretary of the club, that she has been graciously pleased to command that this club be styled henceforth the "Royal Cornwall Golf Club".

The report below on a ladies' competition from March 1892 is one of the earliest to mention the recently discovered "Colonel Bogey" method of play. The secretary of the Great Yarmouth Golf Club, Dr. Thomas Browne, R.N., had suggested the name of the "imaginary person" in 1891.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. The ladies' section play a competition against Colonel Bogey in March 1892.

Royal Cornwall Gazette Thursday 10 March 1892. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


The Hext Cup was played for on the 14 October 1892. The afternoon was wet and cold and with the light failing the tail end of the field struggled to finish. Mr Sandys was the winner, he had previously won the June competition became the lucky owner of the handsome silver cup, supported from the base by silver golf clubs and kindly presented by the club treasurer, Mr Charles Hext. Result; Melvill Sandys, 106-12-94; E M Bannerman, 95 scratch; H J Graham, 136-22-114; C B Hext, 116-1-115. Bannerman and Hext playing with by far the lowest handicaps in the club deserved great credit for their success.

Below, result of the ladies handicap played on the 1st November 1892.  For Miss B Prideaux Brune, the winner, this was her first game on the course for three years.

Miss B Prideaux Brune 119 25 94
Mrs Young-Jamieson 99 4 95
Miss Fenwick 112 15 97
Mrs Charles Hext 115 16 99
Miss Auriel Barnett 100 scr 100
Mrs Edyvean 108 8 100
Miss K Peter Hobyln 123 20 103
Miss Page 111 6 105
Miss C Vyvyan 125 18 107
Miss C Alms 128 21 107
Miss Treffry 120 11 109
Miss G Prideaux Brune 142 30 112
Miss Petherick 146 34 112
Miss Anderson 137 14 123
Miss Berryman 155 30 125
Mrs Elliot 175 40 135
Mrs J Every NR    

On Friday 25 August 1893 the annual competition for the President’s (Lord Robartes) Gold Medal and the Honorary Members’ Challenge Cup took place in perfect weather for golf. Three players tied for the medal, while the challenge cup, which is held by the champion player in the club for a year, was won by Lieutenant Goldfinch with a score of 89.

H J Graham 103 24 79
A P Edyvean 110 31 79
Geo Petherick 110 31 79
Lieut H J Goldfinch RN 89 8 81
Young-Jamieson 93 10 83
Charles Hext 94 8 86
E M Bannerman 90 scr 90
Melvill Sandys 104 12 92
Brigade-Surgeon A F Elliott 115 21 94
Colonel Parkyn 140 37 103
Mr Matthews NR    

Competition results from February 1894.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin Racecourse. Competition results from February 1894.

"Golf" Friday 16 February 1894. Image © THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


In early September 1895 a medal week was held. Included was a match against Plymouth Garrison. Result below.

Royal Cornwall Golf Club   Plymouth Garrison Golf Club  
E M Bannerman 3 Capt Molesworth, RA 0
E Magor 3 Price, Welsh 0
W Wilkinson 0 Capt Hon R Mostyn, RA 3
C Hext 0 Des Voeux, RE 1
L L Shadwell 0 Major Mansel, RA 6
H Young-Jamieson 5 Capt Hamond, RN 0
Melvill Sandys 0 Buchanan Dunlop, Berks 0
Brigade-Surgeon Elliot 3 Hale, Welsh 0
G T Petherick 8 Capt Snow, OSC 0
R W P Matthews 0 Scott, RA 2
Major H Y Hext 6 Godfrey, RA 0
  28   12

Friday of the week was Gold Medal and Challenge Cup day. The weather was fine but windy and with the lengthening of a couple of holes the scores returned were considered excellent. Mr Bannerman won the champion cup with a score of 85 and Brigade-Surgeon Elliot won the gold medal for a second time.

Brigade-Surgeon Elliot 102 23 79
G T Pretherick 97 16 81
Lieut Goldfinch, RN 89 7 82
C H Hext 94 12 82
Mr Wison Fox 105 21 84
Mr Melvill Sandys 96 12 84
E M Bannerman 85 scr 85
Mr Young-Jamieson 99 14 85
E Magor 97 7 90
Mr Robert Fox 107 16 91
L L Shadwell 107 15 92
Rev W P Matthews 115 19 96
Mr Walter Wilkinson 106 9 97

14 cards were taken out, Major Hext had a no return.

Below, result of the July medal 1898.

Captain Bradford 89 4 85
A C Magor 101 14 87
R B Anderson 107 14 93
Major Hext 110 16 94
H A Berryman 99 5 94
Capt Heathcote RN 104 9 95
B F Edyvean 103 7 96
P B Norris 123 25 98

Below, result of the June 1899 medal.

Lieut Col Elliot RAMC 114 24 90
R B Anderson 105 14 91
Melvill Sandys 104 12 92
Capt Johnstone RN 128 33 95
R T Stokoe 131 6 125

Major H Y Hext, C H Hext, H L Jones and H Young-Jamieson had no returns.

In November 1899 the first competition of the winter series was played in awful weather conditions and play was called off in the afternoon. Mr L Stuart Anderson scored a gross 87 and J J Muir 109. Major Hext, Captain Phillips, C H Hext and Melvill Sandys did not finish.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Clubhouse at the turn of the century.

The Clubhouse at the turn of the century.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Captain at the turn of the century.

The Captain at the turn of the century.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Secretary at the turn of the century.

The Secretary at the turn of the century. Image courtesy @LdnGolfHistory.


  Secretary Professional/greenkeeper
1889/1900s H Young Jamieson, Leviathen, Bodmin. G Coates 1889-91 (p) Thomas Ough 1891-94 W Ough 1894-98
19004/5 Captain Johnstone R.N., Bodmin. F Hearn (1898-1923) (p&g)
1908 R B Anderson, Windsor House, Bodmin.  
1911-14 C A Bamphylde, Leviathen, Blisland, Bodmin.  
1923/4 A F Hughes, Townshend, Bodmin. A Marshall (p&g)
1925-30   R Norman (p&g)
1931-56 A F Hughes. H Parnell (g)


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Layout of the Royal Cornwall nine-hole course.

Above is the layout of the Royal Cornwall nine-hole course.


In 1900 the secretary was H Young Jamieson. Course records; E M Bannerman 38, ladies record Mrs C Hext 38.

In 1902 the amateur record holder was L S Anderson 37.

Also in 1902 was the Royal Cornwall Ladies' Golf Club. Secretary H Young Jamieson. 9 holes. Amateur record holder was Mrs C Hext.

From the Nisbet’s Golf Yearbook 1905; Instituted 1889; Secretary – Captain Johnstone R.N., Bodmin; Captain - Melville Sandys; Entrance fee £1 and subs £1/10s; Professional - F Hearn; Visitors’ fees, 1s a day, 5s a week. Old Race Course, moorland, undulating 600ft above sea level. Hazards of  roads, whins and quarries.

Also listed Royal Cornwall Ladies’ Golf Club; Instituted 1893; Secretary - Captain Johnstone; Captain – Mrs C Hext, Polgwin, Bodmin; Professional – F Hearn; Entrance fee nil and subs 10s.

On Friday 5 May 1905 the finals of the Ladies' Championship of Cornwall were played on the Royal Cornwall course. Miss Horn of the West Cornwall Golf Club beat Miss Hibbert Ware of Falmouth Golf Club. Miss Horn winning on the 19th green after a very tense and exciting game which was keenly followed by members and visitors. The prize presentation took place in the pavilion following play, Mrs Charles Hext the captain of the Royal Cornwall Ladies club provided a short history of the formation of the ladies championship and then presented the trophies. The first cup was for  the eclectic competition and this was won by Miss Hibbert Ware on the previous day. The Challenge Cup and gold medal were then presented to Miss Horn the silver medal to Miss Hibbert Ware. At the conclusion Mrs Willis called for a vote of thanks to the officers and members of the club and especially to Mr J Willis the much liked and well respected hon secretary.

The annual meeting was held in March 1907, with Mr Melville Sandys presiding. The treasurer’s report showed the club’s finances to be satisfactory. Liet Col H Young-Jamieson was elected captain of the club for the year, in succession to the veteran golfer, Mr Melville Sandys, who was thanked for all the work he had put in to the club over many years. Mr R Anderson was elected as secretary, and Mrs Salmon was elected captain of the Ladies Club, in succession to Mrs Hext, who resigned on account of leaving the neighbourhood.

Following are the results from the annual competitions for June 1908; Viscountess Clifden’s gold medal, Miss B Wishaw, 113 and Mrs Aston 121; Challenge Bowl, Miss B Wishaw, 111-10-101, Mrs Aston, 127-18-109, Miss Bampfylde, 155-30-125; Club Championship cup and Viscount Clifden’s gold medal, Dr R B Anderson, 107-16-91, C H Hext, 113-16-97, C A Bampfylde, 119-25-94, R M Hill, 123-23-100.

The Petherick Cup; First round, Dr R B Anderson beat Dr C Childs 8&6, C A Bampfylde best F RC Coleridge on the nineteenth, R M Hill a bye. In the final Dr Anderson beat CA Bampfylde 5&4.

Mixed foursomes bogey; Miss B Wishaw and C A Bampfylde 1down, Mrs Aston and Mr Aston 6down, Miss Bampfylde and Dr R B Anderson 14down, Miss Pery-Knox-Gore and R M Hill 14down.

Ladies putting competition (14 entries) prize donated by Mrs R M Hill; winner, Mrs Aston, second Miss Wishaw; Mixed putting competition, prizes by Mrs Emery, winners Miss Bampfylde and R M Hill; runners-up, Mrs Aston and H G Peter-Hoblyn.

Below  is a lady player's bolero jacket button (most probably the mens' cuff size pattern) and is one of eleven worn by Florence Petherick (late Mrs. Francis Marwood Hext), born 1868, died 1922. Both well known Cornish Families of the day. I understand that the jacket was thrown away long ago. Text courtesy of Dixon Pickup. (note; The Petherick Cup played for above)


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Club button.

Royal Cornwall GC bolero jacket button. Courtesy of Dixon Pickup.


In 1914 there was a membership of 75. Entry fees for gents were £1/1/0 there was no entry fee for ladies. Subs for gents were £1/10/0 and Ladies 15/-. Visitors’ fees were 1/- a day, 5/- a week. Sunday play allowed.

By 1914 the Royal Cornwall Ladies Golf Club had amalgamated with the Royal Cornwall Golf Club.

In the early 1920s the club had a membership of 75. Amateur record holder was A O V Penny with a score of  78. Visitors’ fees were 2/- a day. Sunday play was allowed without caddies.

Below, result of a club match played against St Austell at Bodmin in April 1924, the home team also won the foursome competition.

Royal Cornwall Golf Club   St Austell Golf Club  
Dr Anderson 0 T Tregunna (6&4) 1
Dr Cleveland (3&1) 1 Capt Wright 0
Dr Rivers (2&1) 1 R R French 0
Dr Salmon (1up) 1 F Pettifer 0
Capt Buller (5&3) 1 A J Roberts 0
Capt Ashton (half) 0 C C Cornish (half) 0
Col Bawden (half) 0 A Horne (half) 0
P Austin (1up) 1 E H Fryatt 0
R G Reed 0 A Davies (3&1) 1
A F Hughes (1up) 1 W H Hitchens 0
  6   2

Autumn meeting October 1925, results; Aston Bowl, Mrs Crockwell; Young-Jamieson Cup, A F Hughes; flag competition, Dr Cleveland and E W Gill; approaching and putting, Miss F Baron and Capt F Bawden; Hon Members Cup, R V George; ladies bogey, Mrs Hardwick.

In January 1927 the Royal Cornwall Golf Club Ball was held in the Main Hall of the Public Rooms which had been tastefully decorated for the occasion  Dancing took place to a programme provided by the Corona Orchestra from Liskeard.

On Thursday 5 May 1927 Lady Vivian of Glynn opened the new pavilion of the oldest club in Cornwall, the Royal Cornwall Golf Club. Lady Vivian apologised for the absence of Lord Vivian, who said he thought he was sending much more of a golfing representative of the family in Lady Vivian. In her early golfing days she had been taught by Harry Vardon, Ray and Jack White, three champions in their day, but she was afraid to say her golf was not as good as it ought to be. Since she had been in Cornwall she had been busy and not had any spare time to play golf, but now she hoped she would have more time to play. Lady Vivian congratulated the members on the new clubhouse and the vast improvement of the links in recent years. Everybody, she thought, now enjoyed playing the course and now they had a clubhouse worthy of the name of the Royal Cornwall Club.

Dr R B Anderson, captain of the club, said all would agree that the new clubhouse was a great improvement on the old one. They could never say how thankful they were to Lord Vivian for his generosity, particularly for allowing them to lease his land. Colonel W A Bawden, thanking Lady Vivian, hoped her visit that day would be the start of many more. On the call of Dr Anderson, the secretary, Mr A F Hughes, was thanked for the excellent arrangements made for the opening ceremony and the Spring Meeting.

Lady Vivian then presented the prizes for the spring meeting, as follows; Ladies’ Challenge Bowl, 18 hole stroke play, Mrs Crockwell; President’s gold medal, Miss G Pellow; Special prize for handicap over 25, Mrs Cardell; Petherick Cup, Mr W H Verrall; gold medal, Mr A L Burton; foursomes under handicap, Dr Rivers and Col W A Bawden; Putting competition, Dr Rivers; foursomes stroke play, Mr E W Gill and Capt F M M Bawden; Approaching and putting, Mr W H Verrall and  Mr L Lawrence; Depot Challenge Cup, 18 hole bogey, Capt F Bawden.

Ladies Spring Tournament; first Miss Norman, runner-up Mrs Crockwell; Ladies’ running eclectic, Miss Norman.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Spring meeting presentation in 1927.

Lady Vivian presents the Depot Challenge Cup to Captain F M Bowden. The official opening of the new clubhouse of the Royal Cornwall Golf Club took place after the presentation of the trophy.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. The 1927 Spring Meeting.

Top left; Capt Bowden “driving” Top Right; Miss G M Pellow, winner of the ladies’ gold medal; Picture below, Mrs P J Crockwell, Miss E Norman and friends at the meeting.


The Spring Meeting at Royal Cornwall Golf Club - Pictures from the Western Morning News & Mercury Friday 6 May 1927.  

Royal Cornwall v Carlyon Bay, a club match played at Bodmin on Wednesday 29 May 1929. Result below.

Royal Cornwall Golf Club   Carlyon Bay Golf Club  
Dr Cleveland (7&5) 1 G Varcoe 0
F H Wills (7&5) 1 J P Carter 0
W H Verrall (2&1) 1 R R French 0
Dr Chllingworth (4&3) 1 J S Lovering 0
E W Gill (6&4) 1 H Rashleigh 0
A F Hughes (4&2) 1 T C Ellis 0
P Crockwell 0 Hodgson 0
C T G Jago (3&2) 1 B Morrish 0
W A Bawden 0 G Hicks (1up) 1
C C Marrison (3&1) 1 J W Higham 0
  8   1

Competition result Ladies v Men played in June 1932.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin Racecourse. Competition result Ladies v Men from June 1932.

Cornish Guardian Thursday 30 June 1932. Image © Reach plc. Image created courtesy of THE BRITISH LIBRARY BOARD.


Results from the Autumn Meeting held during September 1937; Men - Eclectic competition, G A Jefford; Lawrance Cup, A C Burt; Young-Jamieson Cup, A Parkyn; Hon. Member’s Cup, G A Jefford.

Ladies’ Aston Bowl; Mrs Grigg, 93-22-71; Mrs Clerk, 90-18-72; Mrs Crockwell, 86-13-73; Miss Hodge, 93-19-74; Clerk Cup, 18 hole bogey, Mrs Crockwell (10) 4down; Mrs Jefford (14) 5down; Mrs Grigg (17) 5down; Miss Hodge (14) 6down; Miss Hughes (10) 6down; Mrs Clerk (14) 7down; Eclectic prize given by Mrs Wilson (best 9 holes), Mrs Crockwell, 38-6½-31½; Mrs Clerk, 42-9-33; Mrs Jago, 51-18-33; Mrs Jefford, 43-9½-33½; Miss Hodge, 45-9½-35½; Mrs Grigg, 47-11-36; Miss McGuigan, 54-18-36; Mrs Parkyn, 46-8-38.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Club booklet from the 1930s.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Club booklet from the 1930s.

The above images are from a 1930s Royal Cornwall Golf Club booklet.


On the 18 May 1938 members of the club assembled to see the presentation of an inscribed silver salver to Mr A F Hughes who had recently retired from the hon secretary position and was leaving the district to live at Carlyon Bay. Mr Hughes had served the club for 21 years and at the AGM earlier in the year was made a life member of the club. The presentation was made by Mrs Miller, a long standing member of the club. Mrs Hughes was presented with a boudoir clock. After the presentations Mr Hughes went on to speak of the many happy years he had spent with the members of the club.

Result of a ladies’ match played at Bodmin against Launceston in July 1938. 

Royal Cornwall Golf Club   Launceston Golf Club  
Mrs Crockwell (4&3) 1 Mrs Dingley 0
Mrs Falla  0 Mrs Parnall (5&4) 1
Miss Hodge (2&1) 1 Mrs Bate 0
Mrs Clerk (6&5) 1 Mrs Maynard 0
Mrs Parkyn (5&3) 1 Mrs Scargill 0
Mrs Jefford (6&5) 1 Mrs Abbott  0
Mrs Crockwell & Mrs Falla (1up) 1 Mrs Dingley & Mrs Parnall 0
Miss Hogde & Mrs Clerk (1up) 1 Mrs Bate & Mrs Maynard 0
Mrs Parkyn & Mrs Jefford (2up) 1 Mrs Scargill & Mrs Abbott 0
  8   1

Results from the successful Spring Meeting held during May 1939; Petherick Cup (net score) and gold medal (gross score) – C L Bright, 83-12-71; A Parkyn, 84-12-72; A C Burt, 87-13-74; L W Lawrance, 88-11-77; A Pearce, 95-16-79; G A Jefford, 99-16-83; F Bawden, 99-16-83; R C Jago, 95-12-83; D Bollen, 111-24-87.

Depot Challenge Cup, bogey; D M Gill, 1down; J Sandoe, 2down; A C Burt, 2down; C L Bright, 3down; L W Lawrance, 4down; R C Jago, 5down; J D Clerk, 7down; D Bollen, 8down; A pearce, 9down.

Lawrance-Wills goblets, mixed foursomes; Mrs Hicks and A C Burt, 94-24½-69½; Mrs Jago and J D Clerk, 93-21-72; Miss McPhail and L W Lawrance, 93-20½-72½; Mrs Falla and G A Jefford, 93-17½-75½; Mrs Norris and A Pearce, 97-20-77; Mrs Crockwell and R C Jago, 89-12-77.

President’s gold medal (gross) and challenge bowl (net); Mrs Jago, 96-26-70; Mrs Crockwell, 88-12-76; Mrs Clerk, 95-19-76; Miss McPhail, 110-30-80; Miss Hodge, 100-17-83; Mrs Jefford, 104-18-86.   

Special arrangements were made for the Royal Cornwall Golf Club’s Jubilee open meeting in June 1939, week commencing Monday 19 June, results as follows; Tuesday, men’s four ball bogey foursome; E W Gill (10) and D M Gill (12), 8up; L W Lawrance (8) and A C Burt (10), 7up; H I Dingle (9) and K H Oliver (18), 5up; H Leaman (11) and H Toms (13), 4up; Mr Murphy (scratch) and S Ball (7), 4up; T J Greenwood (12) and A Pearce (12), 3up; Mr Woodford (6) and Mr Lewis (7), 3up; Dr Chillingworth (6) and G A Jefford (12), 3up; Col F Bawden (12) and H Andrew (12), 2up; R C Jago (9) and A Parkyn (9), 2up; J D Clark (12) and D Bollen (18), 2up; D Drew (7) and E Lewis (9), all square.    

A mixed foursome was played on Wednesday; Miss Crockwell (36) and H I Dingle (12), 73; Mrs Jefford (18) and A Burt (13), 75½; Mrs Jago (26) and R C Jago (12), 76; Mrs Parkyn (18) and A Parkyn (12), 79; Mrs Edgcumbe (24) and Mr Toms (17), 79½; Miss Hodge (17) and Dr Chillingworth (8), 81½; Mrs Crockwell (12) and Col F Bawden (16), 83; Mrs Burt (36) and G A Jefford (16), 86; Mrs Norris (24) and A Pearce (16), 87; Mrs Fanna (19) and D Bollen (24), 87½; Mrs Toms (26) and Mr Alford (10), 90; Mrs Dawe (19) and Mr Clerk (16), 98½.

During the 1950s the course was reduced to 9 holes. Membership was 100, visitors’ fees were 2/6 a day.

The course did not survive long after world war two, although the club remained in existence. Annual committee meetings were held in an attempt to preserve the name. The former clubhouse eventually became a café.

Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. The golf course in 2000.

A view over the former Royal Cornwall Golf Club taken in 2000. Authors Collection.


Royal Cornwall Golf Club, Bodmin. Location of the former course.

Royal Cornwall Golf Course located on Racecourse Downs, Bodmin.

Grid reference SX09020,69370, co-ordinates 209020,069370.